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>I don't think you are going back far enough. In order to gain more
>insight into 'race' we need to examine the history of not only the
>United States, but also that of Europe. In case you didn't know, The
>so-called Moors ruled Portugal and Spain for about 500 years, they were
>the ruling class there at that time. There is also reason for me to
>believe that these Moors also ruled other parts of Europe as well.
What other parts of Europe do you believe they ruled?

These Moors were a Muslim army from North Africa, composed of Arabs, Berbers
and Syrians, all of which are Caucasoids and not Negroids. Of the medieval
Caliphate of Cordova, it has been written, "most of the Caliphs were fairor
ginger-haired with blue eyes" (Moorish Spain, p.24). In fact Arabs have
always considered themselves distinct from Negroids and even in present-day
Iraq a citizen can obtain a legal judgment against a person falsely accusing
him of Negro ancestry (Caravan, p.161).

>It was an honor for white people to marry Moors at that time. I believe some
>where near the 11th century, the Moors were conquered by Germanic people from
>the East. It stands to reason that ALL OF THE MOORS WERE NOT KILLED OFF, many
>converted to Christianity and became allies with the Germanic invaders, some
>became Scientists, political leaders, and were accepted into German, British,
>Dutch, and Polish noble families. So during a certain time period there WERE
Again you have made the mistake of assuming the Moors were Negroids. Although
I will agree that when the Visigothic aristocracy reemerged and drove the
Moors out of the Iberian penisula (a military operation which culminated in
the founding of the Spanish Empire and the discorvery of the New World) that
many of the Moors had already mixed with the Mediterranean population, I fail
to see how these Moors became the rulers of many parts of Europe.

>If we assume the first people to settle in the U.S. were the 'elite' of
>Europe, then there is a very high probability that these settlers were
>of Moorish ancestry.
No, the first people to settle in the U.S. were Northern Europeans and not the
Spanish, who may or may not have had some Morrish ancestry.

>Also, the European men didn't bring women with them when they first came here
>so the first mothers in The U.S. and 'Latin America' were Native-American and
>African slave women.
That is true with the Spanish, but not with the Northern Europeans. The
English settler, who often brought his family with him, was not as prone to
miscegenation as the lonely Spanish soldier. Although their leaders, the
conquistadores, exhibited many Norhtern European traits, the Spanish soilder
was of a darker shade and noticeably shorter than the Northern European, this
ment the Spanish soilder was less separated from the Indians by physical

>Many 'white Americans' will argue until they are blue in the face and
>insist that they know they are 100% pure white. The most common argument
>I hear is "My family is from Germany", "I am part Polish", "I am
>French", "we are Dutch", etc. If you examine the history of Europe (the
>real history), the probability that your family lived in these parts of
>Europe without have 'black people' in your family is very, very slim.
I won't deny that many Americans who believe they are %100 pure white are
wrong, but I wouldn't say that, except for maybe Portugal that brought Negroid
slaves to their country, there is any large amounts of Negroid blood in

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All you have exhibted is another example of Negro revisionism. Claiming that
the Moors were Negroids, reminds me of the claims that the "kingdoms" or
"empires" of Ghana, Mali and Songhai were the work of Negroids, when actually
they were founded by Hamitic Berbers and Semitic Arabs and were not in West
Africa at all, but in Western Sudan.