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9 Aug 1996 05:37:36 GMT

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>>The old Bertillon system seems far too involved,
>>>wrought with political overtones and requires physical measurements.
>>>If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much
>>>Patrick Riley
>>All human classification systems are wrought with political overtones, you
>>are just trying to find one that doesn't offend you. Anthropologists have
>>dropped physical typing since the late sixties, and you should ask
>>yourself why the need to do it now.
>>Toby Cockcroft
>>MA Anthropology University Of Western Ontario
>Oh dear, have I stumbled into a web of PC activists? Judging by the posts
>on Amerind whatever and your reply, perhaps so.
>The political overtones part of my objection to using the Bertillon system
>was not due to any sensibility on my part but rather I was simply restating
>what others had told me: "Don't use the Bertillon system, it's too complex
>and has too many political overtones." Personally I have no idea if it
>corresponds at all with what I want but it's not worth following anyway
>because of the necessity to take physical measurements.
>Why the need to do it now? For anthropologists, since I only have a vague
>idea of what you do, I have no opinion. For the field in which I work,
>however, it's not a question of "do[ing] it now" but rather increasing the
>precision of the descriptions with which I currently work, hence my post
>which still stands. Perhaps you could suggest a simple work from the
>politically incorrect sixties?
>Patrick Riley

I say, not a bad troll at all. But the idea was to get the others to
lecture you while you sat back from your monitor with a smug look on your
face, eyes dancing in merriment from all the trouble you caused. But noooo,
you had to go and turn it around and jump upon your soapbox a couple of
speakers too soon.

Tsk. Someday they'll learn how to do it right,
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