Re: The Aryan Theory

Eric Brunner (
9 Aug 1996 04:23:49 GMT

G Sutton ( wrote:
: The Aryan Theory states that an Indo-European or Nordic proto-race was
: the primary source of many of the world's principle civilizations - Aryan


I swan! We bust our collective humps to show the flatliners in sci.arch
that the "wandering celts" line of Prince Valient-esque nonsense isn't
simply bad pretend archaeology, that hyperdiffusionism is inherently an
ethnocentric construction ... a myrid of posts by Len, MB, Jeff, and even
myself, and our hero posting from a US _Land_Grant_ College in _Indian_
_Territory_ demonstrates in _copious_ abundance (I'm looking for another
word for "redundant") the obviousness of the tenents.

I'll simply have to toss this one over the wall to sci.arch, Weller and
Whittet and the rest of the comics enthralled deserve the finest. I'm at
a loss to understand why I haven't been billed for satire of this quality.

Eric Brunner