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Gerold Firl (
8 Aug 1996 23:56:08 GMT

In article <>, (Len Piotrowski) writes:

|> In article <4u8nps$> (Gerold Firl) writes:

|> >What does the word "bigot" mean to you?

|> Bigot - one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own church, party,
|> belief, or opinion. Commentary?

I'd like to invite you to produce something which I have written as
evidence of my bigotry. It's easy to use defamatory speech against
someone, ("bigot") but you have utterly failed to back up your
accusations with any evidence. Until you do, you're just braying in the

|> >"Not!" That is the summary of your argument, isn't it?

|> There's no argument, Firl. Just some medicine.

I see; you're playing doctor on the net. I hope you'll understand if I
don't play along. But don't let that stop you; play with yourself, if
that gets you off.

If you should ever manage to address any of the substantive issues
raised in my posts, I will consider responding, but I don't have time
or interest in your empty flaming.

|> Uh ... what were we talking about again, Firl?

I'm not entirely sure, but as far as I can tell, you were trying to be
as offensive as possible, ostensibly related somehow to questions of
relations between US and amerindian culture, but seemingly more
concerned with your need to play Big Kahuna, apparently providing you
with some form of ego gratification.

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