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Wed, 07 Aug 1996 18:46:43 -0800

Ashley Branchfeather wrote:
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> >Quantum-mechanical theory has very little, if anything, to do with the
> >practical design of microchips.
> (borrowing Bill's buzzer...)
> BZZZZZZZT! Wrong answer!
> And as your punishment, I hereby banish you to a theory of semiconductors
> class, with an integrated circuits class as an option.
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> Ashley Branchfeather

Been there, done that.

Current integrated semiconductor technology, which employs line widths
of .35 microns, does not see quantum effects. Device characteristics
are very adequately predicted by non-quantum theory, specifically
Maxwell's Equations and the Boltzmann Transport Equation. When line
widths come down to about .1 micron then quantum effects will be

There has been a lot of research on Josephson-junction diodes, which
exploit quantum tunneling, but this is a so-far unsuccessful offshoot
with no practical applications.

There are also some very interesting proposals for quantum computers,
which could do some amazing things, like solve simultaneously all
instances of a problem by exploiting the superposition principle. This
is far from practical application, to say the least.

This is all quite irrelevant to anthropology (and paganism, I suppose),
but when someone gives me a "BZZZZZZZT! Wrong answer!" I have to
respond, especially when I'm right.

Steve Barnard