Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Stephen Barnard (
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 16:20:19 -0800

Stuart Yeates wrote:
> Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
> : An "attempt" to discover something doesn't amount to success at discovering
> : it. Aristotle had an amazing blind spot: He was either ignorant of or
> : comtemptuous of the experimental method. His writings are full of howlers
> : that a simple experiment can refute.
> I beg to differ.

No need to beg. Just go right ahead and differ.
> You suggest that because Aristotle didn't use experimental method, he
> was either ignorant of it or comtemptuous of it. There are other
> possibilities which you don't allude to. The one is that he left
> it for others to do, another is that he believed that all useful
> theories (in a given field) could be derived without it, thus
> making it redundant.

Neither you nor I can go back in time and find out how Aristotle felt about
the experimental method. Actually, I don't care how he felt about it. The
fact is that he had no use for it.

> Please don't post unqualified, unsupported claims of ignorance or
> comtempt to alt.pagan (and if you didn't mean to post to alt.pagan,
> please check the Newsgroups: line).

Are you like a personal friend of Aristotle's? Are you in some sort of
communication with him?

Steve Barnard