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As the western empire selfdestructed the fifth century, german tribes
pushed through Gaul onto the Iberian peninsula, through Celts, Romans,
previous Germans, and lord knows what else. The Vandals established
themselves in North Africa by 430, and Visigoth and other German
tribes set up kingdoms on the peninsula (where is today Spain and

Islam spread east along the North African coasts in the seventh and
eighth centuries, taking over North Africa and most of the Iberian
peninsula, with a few german kingdoms left in the north.

These germans in the north then fought again, with varying degrees of
vigour and resolve, from the eleventh century until 1492, just in time
for Cristoforo Colon, or whatever his name was.

I don't know who was considerred black or white, nor do I care.
Actually the more important distinction on the peninsula with moslem
(the civilised guys) and the christians (the good guys). My
understanding is everybody dumped on the Basque.

: Many 'white Americans' will argue until they are blue in the face and
: insist that they know they are 100% pure white. The most common argument

Yes, and anybody who knows any history knows that europeans are 100%

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