Re: Racial advantages?

James Howard (
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here is my response

I have posted my theory of hominid evolution here in the past; you may
read it at on the web. You may go to
either of these for supporting citations.

Blacks are proven to have more testosterone than whites. (Orientals
are between.) Human males and females have more testosterone than
chimpanzee males and females respectively. I think the increase in
testosterone is the driving force of human evolution. This has
produced some advangtages of humans compared to chimps and some
advantages of some races over that of others.

My principle hypothesis is that all genes rely on the hormone, DHEA,
for optimum transcription and replication. Testosterone manipulates
the distribution of DHEA. That is, testosterone increases the use of
DHEA for the DNA of "testosterone target tissues." Males produce more
testosterone, therefore the testosterone tissues are larger in males
than females. This is why men are larger and stronger than women;
this is why there are separate competitions for men and women in the
Olympics. In this area, increased testosterone should give an
advantage in athletics. Blacks dominate the games and athletics.
This is a racial advantage.

Since blood cells are bathed in DHEA, they are directly sensitive to
DHEA levels. If testosterone is too high, testosterone will direct
DHEA to testosterone target tissues at the expense of blood cells.
This means that people who are high in testosterone should have less
immune resistance to viral and bacterial infections. This could
explain the "unexpected finding that under the same social conditions,
blacks are apparently infected more by Mycobacterium tuberculosis than
whites" (The New England Journal of Medicine 1990; 322: 422). As to
viruses, let me quote from my article at my web site: "November 24,
1995, the Associated Press reported the latest data concerning HIV
infection rates in people 27 to 39 years old in the U.S. The A.P.
article included the following: women 'are four times less likely to
be infected,' and the infection rates are 1 in 139 white males vs. 1
in 1,667 in white females; 1 in 33 black men are infected, while 1 in
99 black women are infected. The news release is based on the latest
data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Science
1995; 270: 1372)." Also, according to The New England of Medicine
1993; 328: 1807, "The rate of invasive group B streptoccocal infection
was twice as high in black adults; the incidence increased with age
and was particularly high in older blacks, although there was a
relatively small black population older than 70 years." (My work
suggests that higher levels of testosterone increase the use of DHEA.
Since the adrenal glands, the source of DHEA, can only produce so much
DHEA, the more testosterone one has, the shorter the life-span. This
is why men die earlier than women and why blacks die earlier than
whites.) Less resistance to viral and bacterial infections and a
shorter life-span are racial disadvantages.

James Howard