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Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax (
Tue, 06 Aug 1996 19:18:02 -0800

Bryant wrote:
> In article <4u518a$>,I know Bryant will whine because once again I come to the defense of Eric
Brunner, but when someone is being an idiot, they are being an idiot.

God's Gift to Anthropology writes:

> My "issue"? I asked a question. Thread back a tad. I asked if only
> "squatters" who have white, black, or yellow skin should be kicked off
> native lands, or if late-comers like the Athabaskans should be asked to
> leave Pueblo lands as well (for example).
> Bryant

Now this is so aptly phrased. One is tempted to ask in reply if the
poster is still eating aborted fetuses. The point that this so-called
anthropologist cannot understand is that the offensiveness of a term
is a matter for the recipient to decide. You are allowed one mistake
in polite circles, but after you are informed it is offensive, you
have no further excuse.

He's gotten on my case for rhetorical games in the past. Who is he
to talk when his sole response to an objection is a patently
aggressive question like this one? Why does he wonder at the hostility
he receives?


Joel GAzis-SAx

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