The Value of the Least Preferred Job Candidate Revealed
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 14:13:32 UTC

The Value of the Least Preferred Job Candidate Revealed

Question: What is the value of the least preferred job
candidate under equal employment opportunity (EEO)?

Answer: The value of the least preferred job candidate
under EEO is the bid by the lowest bidding employer per
his concept of worth for his least preferred job candidate.
Since certain employers prior to EEO would not hire certain
job candidates at any price, the answer to the question
above is zero, and the mechanism of EEO is such that all
other employers will target their wages to this standard.
This is how government enforced wage equalization works in
theory - strictly in the downward direction; the least
preferred job candidate sets the wage standard which will,
in time, be bid down to ZERO! (This is theory; the real
world works somewhat differently.)

Conclusion: The segments of the population who have
been duped into believing that they are deriving some
benefit from EEO should go protesting for the elimination
of these sophistic laws. Without EEO, the lesser preferred
job candidates can go job shopping to seek out the highest
bidding employer for their services, thereby maximizing
their value in the marketplace. Under EEO, their value
(and everybody else's) is being equalized to zero!

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"Government enforced wage equalization will work only in the
downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to the
contrary! And the most shocking thing of all is that the
least preferred worker does not even have to be awarded a
job for many phenomena to occur.

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