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Tue, 06 Aug 1996 00:51:20 -0700 (Paul Ciszek) wrote:
> >4. the identification of medicinal alkaloids in plant tissues
> Healers have been using them for millenia, but western medicine
> doesn't want you to know that.

Which reminds me of one of the more irritating things I have ever
encountered in the history books with the "great explorers."

It says in my history books that Columbus discovered the new world.
Inexcapable fact. It's gotta be true, because every blasted book
I ever read talks about Columbus's discovery, and how monumental
that was to the course of civilization today.

Like my Native American ancestors were just so much chopped liver.

I mean, there were <<men>> and <<women>> who lived on this continent
long before Columbus cheated and convinced the Kings and Queens that
the world was much smaller than it was. There were children playing here
and entire civilizations rose and fell. Astronomy was invented,
crops were planted, homes were built, people lived and loved and
died and debated the great questions of the day.

But because Europe didn't know about my ancestors, they have been

And so even though entire civilizations lived on the American
Continents long before whites ever heard of the place, apparently
Columbus still discovered the new world.

Cultural bias?


- Bill

Who always boggles at the number of great explorers shown on the
Discovery Channel who discovered some lost city or civilization
or somesuch, who'se great discovery was made because he asked some
local where the place was.

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