Re: Resistance and Conquest in the Americas(was Amerind etc.)

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6 Aug 1996 06:12:20 GMT

!@?*$% ( wrote:

: Guilt is not inherited by US law, so if you don't want to be accountable,
: don't be. Even you do choose to be accountable, don't expect other people
: to join you.

Oh please. Rush Limbaugh is NOT God's Anointed, really.

: Unlike the other such conquests, the conquerors wrote out who has what
: rights.

Unlike WHAT other such conquests? The Han, Roman, Norman, which?

: Those are supposed to have the effect of law.

In Leviticus it says you're supposed to carry a shovel to bury your shit,
in which case if you're lucky you'll have a lot of digging to do.

In short, "So what?"