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> >In article <4u0cp0$>, (Bryant) wrote:
> >> Wrong. All of these are descriptions of the physical world. Newton's
> >> observations about gravity may not be described mathematically by WaiWai
> >> hunters, but they still exhibit caution around waterfalls.
> >
> >If you're not willing to listen to the answer, then don't ask the question.
> This response seems illogical. I listened to the answer, and disagreed
> with it. How does this make me "unwilling to listen" to her answer? --Bryant

Wrong. Your responce was clearly the sign of someone who was unwilling
to listen to someone who thought about a question you asked, and then
responded with what he/she thought was a reasonably good answer.

Hmmmmmm....Let's see. Writing style matches. Flat out assertion in
the first one word sentence is exactly the same. No suggestion of
"it seems to me" or "I don't think" in the above paragraph. And even
used a lot of assertions from which there can be no discussion.

Looks like a firm rebuttle to me. And if it walks like a duck and
quacks like a duck...well, it's probably not a duck-billed platypus.

- Bill

Who notes that if the answer seems illogical, perhaps you should take
some time to understand what the person is saying before dismissing
them out of hand.

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