Re: Resistance and Conquest in the Americas(was Amerind etc.)

HaSpam (
6 Aug 1996 06:06:11 GMT

Mary Beth Williams ( wrote:

: But I do think that Steve Russell was accurate in stating that Indians
: don't care really care about the term, whether it be Indian, Native
: American, blood or breed, unless it is not used in *good faith*,

As a "formal" designation my father preferred "Native American," but in
casual conversation he often referred to himself as an "injun" -- which
he pronounced differently from "Indian," a term he also accepted.

: as such a term as *Amerind* is most often not.

Huh. I don't recall Dad calling himself an "Amerind," no.

: Now perhaps we can move back to our regularly scheduled topics...
: Immunity, or matriarchy, or the like....

How about "horizontal integration?"