Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Silveroak (
5 Aug 1996 15:28:17 GMT

Paul Ciszek ( wrote:
: (Bryant) writes:
: >Please explain (or "deconstruct" or whatever) how each of the following are
: >expressions of political or social bias:
: Well, having spent four years at Cornell overhearing the blatherings of the
: more "enlightened" undergraduates, I think I can take a stab at this:
: >1. E=mc^2
: The whole idea of a conservation law-- if you have more of something, that
: leaves less for me-- or that you have to exchange something to get something
: else is indicative of the same sort of thinking that gave us Capitalism and
: welfare reform.

Actually, capitolism tends to disregard the concept of conservation,
believing that a perpetual increase in value is possible. Marxism an other
distribution oriented systems tend to focus more on the idea of conservation.

: >2. Newton's second law
: Newton's second law states that Force is equal to mass multiplied by
: acceleration, and is popular among those unenlightened fiends who resort
: to Force because it is all they understand.
: >3. the identification by Francis and Crick of the structure of DNA
: Crick and Watson were both MEN, silly. And was their collaborator
: Ms. Franklin mentioned when the Nobels were handed out? Noooooooo...
: >4. the identification of medicinal alkaloids in plant tissues
: Healers have been using them for millenia, but western medicine
: doesn't want you to know that.
: >5. Cell theory
: The idea that things can be understood by taking them apart into smaller,
: simpler components is limited to white european males and has no relevance
: to the rest of the human race.