Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Susan (
5 Aug 1996 18:27:47 GMT

Sorry, me again. There was another point I wanted to make and got
side-tracked (geez, they think I should be working or something!). The
idea of something coming out of a cultural context is not the same as
explicitly promoting a particular agenda or ideological position. It
simply recognizes that such unconscious assumptions exist, and ofetn
unconsciously promote such things. Some of the examples people have been
suggesting are quite apt. Gravity exists, whether you understand it as
mathmatical, spiritual, or experiential (and I might add that the person
who's been jumping off barn roofs needs to repeat the experiment several
dozen times, just to be sure it's not a artifact of the particular
conditions of that is not for the faint-hearted!). But
insisting that the first is "scientific", the second is "superstitious"
and the third is "common-sense", which is the usual next step, introduces
the bias, because of the values which those words have in the English
language. It is not the simple understanding that things fall that has a
cultural context, it is how it is investigated, understood, and expressed
that does.




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