Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Matt Silberstein (
Sun, 04 Aug 1996 22:03:37 GMT

"Stephen W. Russell" <> wrote:

>Last time I looked, Bubba, Euro-America still claimed to have a
>representative form of government. Indians were not dealt in until 1924,
>after all the deals we are complaining about were cut.

>You are right that the U.S. is responsible for other bloodbaths, just as
>we (when we talk contemporary, I have to eat it too) remain the world's
>largest weapons dealer. I wasn't unaware or hiding it. It just didn't
>seem germane. Was what the Nazis did to homosexuals ok because they did
>more of it to Jews?

When I first read this I made the mistake of starting to respond without
finishing, so I thought Stephen was responding to me. Since he was not,
I will not respond in detail. However I do have one major question that
I asked in my earlier response to Stephen. How can you justify to
dividing the population into Indian/Native American/? on side and
Whites/Bubbas/? on the other. How does responsibility follow skin color
or previous national origin? IMHO, a major source of evil in this world
comes when we divide humanity into Us and Them. Indians have been
horribly mistreated and they continue to be mistreated to this day. But
do not fool yourself. Given the opportunity, if they had the technology,
they would have done the same to others. We are all humans, with
weaknesses and strengths, good intentions and selfish. Work to eliminate
the evil, work to correct the problems, but don't see a Them or you will
(if successful) just create a new evil.


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