Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Jonathan W. Hendry (uhendjx@racer)
4 Aug 1996 17:30:36 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:

: And why is nobody bringing up the Las Vegas mob's attempt to shut down
: Indian casinos in New Mexico and California? ;)

Probably because they don't care about the ethnicity of the casinos'
owners, just "dat sumbuddy's movin' in on ouah turf".

On the other hand, the Mashantucket Pequots are planning to put
in a gigantic amusement park on their land in CT. Land they've
bought with casino money. I believe they're working with some
park chain (Great Adventure? Paramount?)

There's something I like about these casinos. Whites got
land for a handful of beads. The Indians are getting land
from whites for *pictures* of two lemons and a bar. ;)

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