Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Chris Cracknell (
4 Aug 1996 03:18:11 -0400

In article <4u0fkh$>, Xina <> wrote:
>Many of the tribes are as sovereign a Nation as Israel or France. There
>are treaties with many of these sovereign nations and some of them have
>even signed those rights away to become part of your 'one big happy
>melting pot'. The majority of non-aboriginal people in this country have
>absolutely no awareness of this whatsoever. I know of some convinced that
>the last indians were killed at Wounded Knee and that Native Americans can
>be seen at a theater or in museums only. *shakes head*

Now you've hit the nail on the head! So it would seem the first order of
business would be to educate the non-aboriginal people of both Canada and
the United States.

Definetly not a small nor easy task to undertake.

(Step by step from hell!!)

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