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4 Aug 1996 11:47:42 GMT

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"Stephen W. Russell" <> writes:
>On 4 Aug 1996, Gary Cruse wrote:
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>> >The US policy of assimilate or eliminate has failed and will
>> to
>> >fail until there are no more of us left. We will continue to
>> Oh, really? At the time when there are no more
>> of "you" left, I would say a policy of assimilate
>> or eliminate had *succeeded* in favor of the latter.
>Well, you are absolutely right by your culture's vision of success.
>Do you really believe that the planet will allow everyone to have air
>conditioning and personal automobiles?

Malthus and the Club of Rome have been found to
be in error. Have you ever heard of
sustainable growth?

>If not, do you believe the rest of the global village will continue to

>accept accident of birth as virtue?

You mean such as denying my native Americanism
so that Native Americans who ultimately were
immigrants themselves are the only NA by
virtue of fiat?

Or do you mean the "rest of the global
village", by which I assume you mean the
third world, will rise up and overthrow
the industrial democracies?

>You may very well wipe out the value of harmony with the rest of
>existence. And some time before you smother in your own excrement,
>might have some inkling that there is a better way to live whether or
>it wins wars.

Would you rather we lose wars? How about just
turning voluntarily into a Nazi state? Think
of the lives that would have been saved. Funny
how the Navajo talkers were so intrumental
in helping win that war. Do you thereby denounce them?
>But that's OK. You will have "success."
>Steve Russell>

I consider living in a modern technological society
to having success now. Not "will have."