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Jeff Bartlett ( wrote:
> : I am pursuing a career in archaeology in the U.S. I would like to work
> : for the federal government (U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service,
> : Bureau of Land Management, and/or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers). I
> : understand most government positions require an M.A. degree; however, my
> : current study plan is Classical Culture, M.A. In Humanities. Will this
> : be sufficient to reach my goals?
> No, unless the USDA (FS) or USDI (NPS, BLM) or USDoD (Army CoE) have, in
> some alternate universe, a CRM scope (archy) or a cultural scope (anthro)
> which includes Hellenic Indians, or humanitarian aide to hitherto ignored
> Native Helots.
> Crikey. For realistic professional feedback, sci.anthro is hardly the best
> place to ask, though it is better than the sci.arch.* playpens. You ought
> to ask in ARCH-L, but given the state of the CRM/Federal portions of the
> archy trade in the late 90's and at least the next two decades, you'd be a
> bet better off as a seasonal fire fighter.
> I would like to point out to you that _all_ BLM and most USFS and most NPS
> and most CoE jobs are located in regions of the US which are unceeded lands
> of the original inhabitants, and that as you've no particularly relevant
> training or skills (outside of Classical Humanities) to bring to CRM etc,
> that you will be compeating for one of a limited (and rapidly shrinking)
> number of jobs which are close to Native population centers. Of course, you
> will have the distinct advantage of a Masters in Classics... something very
> few of us manage to snag on our way through the Anglo Mazes.
> Cross-posted into sci.arch. However, I suggest an ouvre in ESL, in Japan,
> or the equivalent. There at least you won't be taking a job some native
> traditional family could be making a living from, and you'll be putting the
> degree to its best and highest use, dead Indians being exceptionally poor
> classicists.
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> Vale && Kitakitamatsinohpowaw,
> Eric Brunner

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