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3 Aug 1996 23:12:20 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
: (Eric Brunner) wrote:
: >
: >>Many of the rest of the posters who've joined in this latest "race to the
: >>bottom" (puns intended) thread have been Indian-bashing on population and
: >>material culture and ethical relativism grounds for at least one year, in
: >>both groups. I do wish they'd come up with more interesting reasoning to
: >>support their squatters' rights posture[...]

: Um, does this include the Navajo "squatters" on "pueblo" lands, or the
: Apache "squatters" who displaced desert tribes before them? Or only
: squatters who were more efficient in their brutality and (slightly) more
: bound by law?

: :) Just checking. Bryant

Of course not, however, if you do have a factual grasp of the Dine-Hopi
(alt: everbody vs. Peabody & the US) dispute, then you'd know why. Sorry
but being enrolled at a State & Federally funded institute of higer learning
in the State of New Mexico ought to give rise to some understanding of the
peopling of that region, whether the peopling was prior to the reduction
into writing of the ethnographic record, or subsequent to the introduction
of that record-keeping technique.

Try and do your "checking" from a perspective which can endure calm self

Eric Brunner