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> > > are you familiar with the hypothosis of morphic resonance and formative
> > > causation?
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> > Whaaaaaaaaaa....?
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> > Er, what are you talking about?
> I believe this is a pseudoscientific theory that biological organisms
> somehow communicate or converge to certain forms due to mysterious,
> unexplained fields, and that their morphology is primarily, or at least
> substantially, caused by extra-evolutionary processes. I read a rather
> notorious book about it some years ago, but I've repressed the title and
> the name of the author. It may pop into my consciousness in awhile.


Doesn't sound terribly scientific, does it?

I mean, explaining evolutionary processes by saying "ooga, booga,
poof! it is so!" isn't very bloody scientific. Expecially when the
forces, fields, spirits, whatever are by definition mysterious
and unexplained.

I mean, it may be true, but just very bloody hard to explain through
the scientific method.

- Bill

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