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Eric Brunner (
2 Aug 1996 17:33:00 GMT

Stephen W. Russell ( wrote:

: On 1 Aug 1996, Gary Cruse wrote:

[more of his occasional junk, deleted.]

: Not to interfere in anyone else's pissing match, but in the immortal
: words of Cool Hand Luke "What we got here is a failure t' communicate."

: Eric is in the resistance mode. Your are in the conquered peoples mode.
: If you want Eric to change his mind about who he is, what you have to do
: is quite simple: kill him.

: Steve Russell>

I suspect that Gary Cruse will have to stand in line, along with most of
the rest of the sci.archaeology.moderated "YES" voters, and the sci.anthro
subscribers who prefer their Indians in cupboards, "wet" or "dry". A large
part of that struggle was over whether or not we are someone else's "data"
(ethnocentric PoV (unavoidably Euro-centric) is culturally neutral), or as
human as the descendents of the victors of the Conquest. There were other
issues then as well, for which homicide may have been a slightly excessive
form of problem resolution.

Cruse is, for those who don't recall the individual, someone from San Jose
who periodically vents against leftist academia and its rotten cabbages of
cultural pluralism (such as it is), and other than that, has managed, in
over a year of pot-shots into sci.arch and sci.anthro, to avoid a single
post of anthro/arch content.

Many of the rest of the posters who've joined in this latest "race to the
bottom" (puns intended) thread have been Indian-bashing on population and
material culture and ethical relativism grounds for at least one year, in
both groups. I do wish they'd come up with more interesting reasoning to
support their squatters' rights posture, or show the glimmer of dull
awareness that most of them live in Colonial conditions as well, bunting
not withstanding.

Eric Brunner