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1 Aug 1996 20:19:03 GMT wrote:
: Beth Williams) wrote:

: whom we are talking about, conversley, Europeans should be addresed by
: their cultural affiliations ...
: What special qualities do First Nations People posses that enables them to
: transform the child of a mixed marriage into a native instantly.

Umm. Legal standing is usually sufficient.

: My experiences in the North among the Inuit suggest that culture is a

What was your work and where did you carry it out?

: to the Inuit Elders what his ethnic heritage was, to them he was Inuit,

What is the point, that they lack the capacity to determine membership?

: did occur, and that today relations aren't very good. But punishing us
: today for the acts of our forebearers is simply counterproductive and
: wrong. A policy based on guilt is a rotten one and doomed to failure.

Umm, so, how did you lobby your MP on the Restitution Question? Was the
1942-1949 forced dislocation of Canadians of Japanese Ancestry just one
of those things for which redress is inappropriate?

: In conclusion I think you ought to rethink your criteria for what
: constitutes "native" and what does not...

Always nice to be told how to define ourselves.

: prevent it reccurance. We should build on honesty, mutual understanding
: and forgiveness.

Is that a one-way deal or is there a secret history of the Americas that
some of us appear to have utterly missed?

: Toby Cockcroft (Celt/Canadian)
: M.A. Anthropology, University of Western Ontario

Eric Brunner