Re: Early Amerind assimilation (Was: Re: Romans in the New World?)

Fri, 02 Aug 1996 02:13:34 GMT

aawest@CritPath.Org (Anthony West) wrote:

>Put another way, the lives of poor, powerless early white
>and black Americans is poorly recorded and poorly understood.
>Yet it is with them in particular that many Indian-Euro/Afro
>contacts must have occurred. Attempts to reconstruct the
>history of the undocumented masses is difficult, but it is
>gaining in importance in historiography in our times. Often
>archeologists can contribute to this process.

This is an area where ordinary history can help too. As an example, I
have a friend who is a descendent of what looks like a perfectly
ordinary more or less middle class family living in rural Pennsylvania
in the late 19th Century. As far as I can tell the family lived
ordinary lives in the community, and they have the pictures to prove
it, including a whole stack taken with her grandfather's brand new box
camera during a family Christening celebration. There is only one
factor in this family that is a bit unusual (and absolutely impossible
according to Mary Beth). Great grandmother was a Delaware. Great
grandfather was born in Ireland.

Stella Nemeth