Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Susan (
1 Aug 1996 16:11:59 GMT

George Spelvin <> wrote:
>Susan wrote:
>> I don't disagree. But the critiques of science which have come out over
>> the last 20 years or so have pointed out that humans always act in a
>> social/cultural context. So the desire to find "truth" is always carried
>> out with a certain perspective and set of assumptions (whether these are
>> explicitly touted as "agendas" or not).
>Your discussion here was clear and concise, and I hope to quote you in other venues. I
>seem to often be telling people this, and my own explanations tend to be more
>convoluted. Thanks.
>My software requires me to include more new text than old, so please ignore everything
>below the above paragraph ...

Thanks for the thanks-- and no charge for my sometimes random thoughts on
the subject! These are among the kinds of discussions which I think the
Internet is valuable for-- exchanging ideas, preferably without a lot of
unecessary flaming. Keep talking!




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