CALL FOR PAPERS -- Sociologies of Cyberspace

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Thu, 1 Aug 1996 07:55:02 GMT

Call for Papers


The board of the Virginia Review of Sociology invites the
submission of candidate chapters for a special volume titled "The
Sociologies of Cyberspace." This volume will address whether and to
what extent cyberspace represents, presents, or conduces social change
of significance - that is, the manners in which and the degrees to
which cyberspace is different from other social arenas, and whether
and how this is sociologically significant. For purposes of this
volume, we conceive cyberspace to include all forms of
computer-mediated and -enhanced communications and interactions.

We will give preference to those submissions that advance
methodological approaches to, explicitly account for empirical
findings about, and develop theoretical understandings of cyberspace.
We are particularly interested in papers that go beyond a
psychological and individualistic analysis, and particularly encourage
those submissions that make comparative use of several online services
and/or social groups. We hope to include a variety of empirical,
methodological, and theoretical approaches to cyberspace, and intend
to emphasize the possible diversity of such approaches.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to: patterns of
social life online, including demographic distributions as well as
patterns of social control, boundary enforcement, role enactment,
community building, resource allocation, and collective behavior;
political, economic, and other determinants of online social life; and
political, economic, religious, and other social consequences and
implications of cyberspace, particularly including interactions
between online and offline social life.

Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate, printed in
double spacing on only one side of each page. Citations and
references should conform to that system prescribed by and for the
American Journal of Sociology.

Submissions should have a target date of October 31, 1996.
Any acceptance of submissions beyond that date is at the discretion of
the volume editor. We would appreciate a brief notice of intent by
September 30, 1996.

Comments and queries are welcomed and encouraged. For further
information, or to submit a paper, please contact the editor of the
volume J. Ellington ("Ellis") Godard, Cabell Hall 539, University of
Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 ( The
faculty advisor for this volume will be Thomas M. Guterbock, and the
series editor is Donald Black.

The Virginia Review of Sociology is a series of volumes
published by JAI Press, and coordinated and edited by the graduate
students and faculty of Sociology at the University of Virginia. Each
volume explores and reflects current empirical and theoretical
development within the field of sociology. Themes of previous volumes
have included law and conflict management, and cultural conflict in
modern America.

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