Need help identifying Bira Bira

Chris Cracknell (
31 Jul 1996 17:44:13 -0400

Hello, I'm hoping there will be someone out there who is familiar with
folk art, and carvings of different cultures who can possibly identify a
carving for me.

Not long ago a regular on (news group for
classic video game collectors) found, while out searching for video game
carts, what appears to be a souvenier carving. It's a wooden figure
with a long, tapered, cylindrical head, a short, crouched body, and the
words "Bira Bira" carved on his back.

This fellow has since become somewhat of a mascott for collectors on
this group, but none of us really know what he is.

I've done about as much searching on the web as I can to find
information on Bira Bira (it's amazing just how many languages contain
the word Bira) but I really haven't turned up anything yet that's given
me a clue as to who are what he is. If anyone out there thinks they
might be able to identify this fellow you can find his image at...

I'm guessing that this figure is either Micronesian or Polynesian in
origin. But like I said, this is more a guess than anything else.

Any help identifing this figure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Official r.g.v.c. mascott from hell!!)

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