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31 Jul 1996 14:56:15 GMT

!@?*$% ( wrote:
: > Your remark on the term N.A. makes one wonder how sensitive you really
: > are to minority issues, however, it is a valid concern for many
: > non-Indians.

: Out of curiosity, what are your feeling on the Goidelic Tribe...

Umm, that amongst their legitimate political representatives are Sien Fien
and its military wing.

Please feel free to take your concerns to the political representatives
of your ethnic group. We (multiple Native American polities) _have_ at
present relationships with most legitimate (non-Colonial) Irish political
organizations. _You_ need only drop by the Starry Plough pub to contact
your tribal relations -- of course, you didn't need an Indian to tell you
that the IRA has contacts in the SF Bay area, did you?

If you're going to troll, do it well.

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