Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Eric Brunner (
31 Jul 1996 15:01:35 GMT

The Outlaw ( wrote:
: Oh come on, Mary. You know what he means. I never use 'Native American'
: for precisely this reason. I am a native of the United States of America
: and therefore a native American. I am not, and have no wish to create


: antecedents to make myself, a 'N'ative American (your legally defined
: classification of a group). This is what I believe Stephen was making

The classification system is the creation of the US government, not that
of any Soverign Nation interior to the US.

: perfectly clear when he stressed the lower case 'n'. Of course in speech
: the difference would be unclear so the term, consequently, unsuitable.

What is clear is that Nativism is still something Anglo-Americans don't
distance themselves from socially, even those resident in the UK.

Eric Brunner