Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

The Outlaw (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 08:22:10 GMT

Mary Beth Williams wrote:
> In <> Stephen Barnard <>
> writes:

> >Native Americans? No. That's ambiguous and very slightly offensive
> >to me, since I'm a native (small n) American.
> Oh, you're offended by the truth? In the US, if you claim Native
> American status, you are making a claim to membership in a legally
> defined class of persons. So what is your tribal affiliation?

Oh come on, Mary. You know what he means. I never use 'Native American'
for precisely this reason. I am a native of the United States of America
and therefore a native American. I am not, and have no wish to create
antecedents to make myself, a 'N'ative American (your legally defined
classification of a group). This is what I believe Stephen was making
perfectly clear when he stressed the lower case 'n'. Of course in speech
the difference would be unclear so the term, consequently, unsuitable.


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