Life Duty Death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
30 Aug 1995 03:02:51 GMT

>Botta Enrico <> subject: Life Duty Death|

Mr Botta:
We should do nothing to save starving masses who make no attempt to save
themselves, such as turning toward the nearest area that is a potential source
of food, then Taking It if they had to, without facing any outside interference.
Groups of people who would die without outside support - Should die. Over-
population is a direct result of unnatural attitudes and science and technology.
S&T made it possible for masses of people to remain alive and breed multitudes,
and corrupt humanist attitude made "them" want to Keep them alive. THEY gave us
the problem so what is Their plan to deal with it - None. They don't have the
foresight to see approaching problems. As Mr Linkola said, their system is based
on the *profit margin* and nothing else. Sit down in a dark and quite room and
try Thinking long-term, more in terms of the future of future. Long-term to the
idiots in charge is when their bonds mature. As for who will decide Who dies,
that is a good question to ask the idiots too. Ask them who they will kicked off
the goodship lollipop when it becomes full, or runs out of water, fuel, food,
the very basics to sustain life. One thing is certain, we will run out of
necessities long before we run out of space, but don't tell that to a brainist
because he lives in another world. It wouldn't surprise me if They announced that
no one should worry about the future for by then they will have devised a way to
enlarge Earth, make it expandable, on demand, and increase with equal ratio, all
natural "resources" thus allowing humans (and profits) to grow and grow and....?
Ideals? Well what is wrong with just wanting one's Kind to NOT disappear, and
having a healthy Natural environment where the Ideal would be NOT to stray from
Natural thought? In the near future, even That (survival of white Aryan Kind)
may seem too idealistic. Ideals are actually for non crashed civilizations, well
organized societies. I don't believe anything close to [that] will exist for a
very long time after sophisticated systems crash. There needs to be much time
for *healing* with both man and Earth. Nietzsche, I've read almost none of his
work but have seen many quotes that were great. However, his so-called superman
was probably no more than persons born with very high Natural Instincts and
Perceptions. Eugenics can Never replace Natural selection. It the program were
geared toward having more short, tall, skinny, fat, etc., it could easily be
done, as any farmer or pet supplier can tell you. If the program was geared
toward raising IQ, that could be done also, but it would be a disaster if the
purpose was to produce "smarter" people. Intelligent people are not necessarily
in possession of high IQ's, and visa versa. The problem is almost no one thinks
of NIP, even the temporarily corrupted NIP. Furthermore, I believe [that] is one
of Mother Nature's little power-packed secrets that will not be "discovered" by
man, meaning, the probability of successful replication would fail, due to the
fact that most people think of themselves as being more perceptive that the next
person, and will continue to think so until absolute proof is offered to prove
him wrong. Much like the saying: opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
However, every one of those assholes cannot be right, and neither are all neces-
sarily wrong. Several may be right, but One correct opinion could still be the
best of the correct. In life and death matters, it matters more. Later -d

_Earth Abides_