Life Duty Death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
29 Aug 1995 21:16:21 GMT

>From: Botta Enrico <>
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Mr Botta: You have many good questions and make interesting comments as well. Of
course having "fear" is normal, but many people let "fear" wreck their lives
instead of responding in some fashion to that which brings fear upon them. A
totally *Natural* response to the source of that fear would be: live with it,
run from it, die from it, or Kill it. We cannot follow our Normal inclinations
in "civil" societies, for the added fear of its authorities, then we become even
more anxious and stressed. In modern societies, IF these fears are *above the
personal level, one still has (almost) the same choices of dealing with it, but
by its nature, it becomes much more difficult to destroy the fear IF one's
Natural inclination is to destroy the source, or that which protects the source.
I think our normal inclinations arise from uncorrupted Natural Instincts and
Perceptions (NIP), which, with primitive man, was his drive to reach *Alpha
(leader) of his tribe IF he possessed *higher* level NIP. I believe much of this
is the inborn force that literally Drives persons today, who become, normally on
their own initiative, involved in the many *causes* of man and Earth. Persons
bestowed (or cursed) at birth with HLNIP are much more insightful, thus the many
activist in various concerns of man and Earth. Why some would be involved in
environmental issues etc., but not *specieist* issues, can probably be traced in
part to our ceasing to practice Natural Selection long ago. This could well be
one reason for very high perceptive abilities in *some persons who exhibit no
specieist instincts, and visa versa, but natural selection (the lack of) should
be blamed alone. Most people have no idea Why they may have certain *urges and
feelings* but that should be expected of a people who have had unnatural influ-
ences,thoughts and attitudes drummed into them in some cases since birth.
Generally speaking, I think [they] are part of our true makeup, our "primitive"
nature that we "think" we must suppress due to conflicting with the accepted
standards of thought and behavior in artificial societies. Everyone with
high(er) NIP is not always going to be "right" because Natural Selection within
most human groups ceased long ago. This should offer a (partial) clue to WHY
some people have very high perceptive levels, but very low level intra-specie
survival instincts. The opposite would be true also. Neither does this mean all
persons with HLNIP will have exactly the same ideas for solving a particular
problem. To reach the total of 4, one can say 2 plus 2, or 1 plus 3, but as one
begins to abstract it further, more time is taken to get the answer, therefore
"festina linte" would not be too wise IF your boat has a very bad leak and is
drifting away from land, in which case "fortes fortuna juvat" would probably be
Nobody WANTS a world war, but IF corrupt humanist philosophy actually becomes
the active attitude of all world powers, there would be no other choice at some
time in the future, and THEY would have to start it, in order to gain relief for
the planet. Remember one thing, there are small wars in many places on earth at
any given time. Let Them Happen. Do Not interfere. They are Natural wars, terri-
torial, ethnic, religious, etc. Rwanda was a classic example of Natural war,
but the "civilized" world would not stand for it. The same can be said about
Somalia, etc. The war in Bosnia is a natural war that is no ones business but
theirs. These wars should Always be left to take their natural course. They
serve a very good purpose in the evolutionary process. (compuserve 50 line lmt)