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>On 27 Aug 1995, dannie hawkins wrote:

>>Mr Botta, yes I believe every word in the post or I would not have posted it.
>>Obviously much thought was put into it, and you apparently took notice of the
>>consequence IF this belief (or something similar) replaced today's artificial
>>thought. That is what scares many people, the fear of natural hard-ships,
>>and others fear losing their economic dreams, a soft life. The world-wide
>>to white Aryan Kind is only one part of the problem. The major problem facing

>The real Aryans are actually today's Pakistanis, not the pink-cheeked,
>blond, blue-eyed wonders who can afford a CompuServe account.

>Check out some history books.

>Then go take this crap to alt.nazi.losers

>Thought for the day: If you see a light at the end of the tunnel,
>it is probably a train coming your way.

Thanks wolfie for giving everyone with true intelligence who reads post, an even
greater insight into the mind of those who in all honesty believe they are
intelligent. Very enlightening, a valuable lesson indeed, especially coming from
a man with your academic credentials. Now you may apply for extra salary for
taking on this entirely different field of "teaching" which is beyond your
understanding. You are a brave man for rising to the occasion, and offering your
*best thoughts* on this subject. Hark! It is now time for a most important
ritual!! I hereby christen thee on this day: Brainist Foraday. Take the rest of
the day off.
_Earth Abides_