Re: Lane the pin-head! (was: Why, you're welcome, Chuck!)

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29 Aug 1995 01:31:43 GMT

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:>Bearscat ( writes:
:>> Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
:>> : Andy Walton ( writes:
:>> : >
:>> : > Once again, you find it easier to offer snide remarks than to answer the
:>> : > question. I, for one, would love to hear your explanation for the
:>> : > "Northern Europeans" who, as you claim, built the pyramids and the Taj
:>> : > Mahal, and included Hannibal among their number.
:>> : Can't you dummies come up with anything better than the "Northern Europe
:>> : NOW is the same as Northern Europe of 2500 years ago!" argument? It's
:>> : like explaining something to a retarded kid -- ten minutes later, you have
:>> : to explain it all over again.
:>> Ok, I'll bite: Who were the northern Europeans of 2500 years ago,
:>> and how do they differ from today's Europeans? These wouldn't
:>> happen to be some of your famous "temporal ancestors" would they?
:>The Northern Europeans of 2500 years ago were WHITE, and didn't have
:>pockets of darkies in their midst, like Europeans of today, ie Europe THEN
:>wasn't a dumping ground for every sort of "refugee" from the former colonies.
:> Do you understand yet?

No Les, no one understands what you mean by this idiocy. Perhaps you and
Ernst Zundel could write it up and we'll try to decipher it. There were
"darkies" in Northern Europe 2500 years ago, and if you were not such an
anthropological dweeb, you would already know that. But of course, we can't
let facts interfere with the white Aryan fairy tale, can we?

:>I pick Northern Europe because I assume that most people know what I
:>mean. Obviously, in yours and Raggedy's case, I ascribe too much
:>intelligence. I could as easily have said "from the plains of Asia".

Yes, that would be a "super" choice.

Gord McFee
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