Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Richard A. Schumacher (
28 Aug 1995 21:09:55 -0500

In <> (Wesley Taylor) writes:

>You might try to read outside astronomy a little. Hannes Alfvens work in
>Plasma Physics has done some real damage to Big Bang. The BB theory is NOT
>almost universally accepted. There are some steady staters left and a whole
>new crop of plasma cosmology theorists. Try Lerners "The Big Bang Never

Oh, stop with the bullshit, please. You've named about half of the known
steady staters among living professional astronomers. Can you name three
more? Can you show any alternate theory which explains the primordial
elemental abundances, redshifts and the microwave background without
ad-hoc physics? Lerner hasn't. Alfven hasn't.