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27 Aug 1995 23:40:55 GMT

>Botta Enrico <> on Sub. LIFE DUTY AND DEATH| Said:
>I have just one comment on what you said, you must e nuts if you yhink what
>you wrote. More, you have no clue of what you'e saying. Read your post again
>and think about everything that your words imply. See you.

Mr Botta, yes I believe every word in the post or I would not have posted it.
Obviously much thought was put into it, and you apparently took notice of the
consequence IF this belief (or something similar) replaced today's artificial
thought. That is what scares many people, the fear of natural hard-ships, etc.,
and others fear losing their economic dreams, a soft life. The world-wide threat
to white Aryan Kind is only one part of the problem. The major problem facing
Earth and All its species is over population. Pentti Linkola, of Finland, is a
man very much aware of the dire circumstances our environment and All creatures.
He is a Naturalist, author, biologist, high-sought speaker on campuses etc. I
haven't read any of his books, as of last spring they were unavailable in
english. He came to my attention thru an interview that was in the Wall Street
and the W.A.R. Journal (POB 65 Fallbrook,CA 92088 or 1-800-923-1813 toll free in
u.s.) I will try to put down here (from memory) a few things he said concerning
over-population, and some "root" causes. Linkola: "Too many people are alive in
the world today... the u.s.a. is a "growth" (as in capitalism) oriented country,
which is big problem..., u.s.a. should only have a population of 20 million or
so (in order to live a more natural existence without pressures on ecosystem)..,
world needs wars to lower the population..., still time to be cruel..., people
who want to save people (as in feeding starving masses etc., etc.) are Haters of
Life, and he (Linkola) [and others] are lovers of life." I think Mr linkola is
a very deep thinker, VERY far-sighted. One cannot just SCAN what he says, he HAS
to THINK - as you did - at least by realizing the Certain implications. There
are many people throughout the world who believe things similar to this, but are
in no position to express their thoughts for obvious reasons, but as time goes
on, these world-wide problems become overwhelming, then as the artificial
socio/economic systems began to crumble, you will see and hear much more about
Natural Instincts and Perceptions. -Virtute Et Armis

_Earth Abides_