dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
27 Aug 1995 20:26:13 GMT

>Re: Life Duty and Death >>Kathy Mather ( SAID: We
>jumped off a cliff forty thousand years ago and there is no turning back we
>hit the ground...stop grasping for the edge, its never coming back!

GEZZSUS, what a pessimist. What if all the "dumb" creatures had that attitude?
You, like most other people, either believe the world is coming to and end (as
in the bible), or, think like the idiot, j.m. from gatach, that:...shit's gonna
happen so ...! Those four words (altho not his) DO sum up his words, as any good
"redneck" could tell you. Humans (primitive tribes) lived in harmony with Nature
for thousands of years, along with all the other creatures, `till he "outsmarted"
himself upon development of the alphabet which allowed him (no matter how stupid
his words may have been) to record them. Over time these words became a "running
record" of thoughts and ideas expressed by man. This newfound ability to record
words also opened the door for technological discoveries that we are so happy to
have today. Because of these "advances" man began viewing man as VERY *special*,
above and beyond all things in the Natural world. Religious and non religious
man hold this view, but not for the same reasons. Most knowledgeable, but non
religious persons think of the human mind as the jewel of all jewels. He is a
*mind worshiper* Some of these idiots probably would love nothing more than
literally being able to take the form of a *brain* if they could find a
dependable brainsitter, and could still communicate their artificial wisdom,
which for the most part is brainyard junk, particularly in areas outside
mathematical fact. Many do have a degree of understanding of some of mans' lower
natures, but that's about it. They also hate the suggestion (and the suggesters)
that man is NOT a special or supreme thing. However, in a sense, they're right.
Man IS destroying man, in particular, white Aryan Kind, And he's causing much
destruction to the environment, so I guess that should qualify him for some sort
of *special honors because no other creature can do this, but of course, they
haven't been educated yet.

>where do you get this propaganda...educate yourself.


>-always let your conscience be your guide- -Kat

CONSCIENCE: (CON)science is; An abstract corruption of Natural Instincts.

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