Jai Maharaj->Satan->Barney->God (Re: Barney created GOD???)

Sanjay Misra (misra@leo.polymer.uakron.edu)
27 Aug 1995 18:35:02 GMT

In article <bill-2708950022040001@wblake.dialup.access.net>, bill@natural.com (William N. Blake) writes:
|> Wait...
|> Satan created Barney... everybody knows that.
|> So if Barney created God, then...
|> Oh, my head's spinning.
|> --
|> Bill Blake (bill@natural.com)

Jai Maharaj created Satan who created Barney who created God.

The question is WHO (or WHAT) CREATED Jai Maharaj?!! And can
we stop him from starting his own PBS show for kids - probably
titled "Maharaj the Talking Vegetable"?

Let the spinning resume.