JSmith1283 (
28 Aug 1995 00:47:42 -0400

>The White Man's Fault

I don't recall blaming the white poeple (not race) for anything. If you
read the piece well, you might see that I am speaking to the response or
lack of response of AA men when AA women are harrassed, offended or
otherwise cast in a light that does not represent us well.

Now, the white people certainly have enough negative history regarding
their interactions with most peoples of the world to keep them busy
ducking karma for the rest of time. My concern is how AA people will
continue to survive and work our the (divide and conquer) differences that
so threaten our survival. One of those differences is that many AA men
have been taught (over the centuries) a particular negative way to view AA
women. As we work out OUR problems, we have to begin to visit those
images and reactions that have been imposed upon us.

How you perceive all of this is inconsequential in that you, obviously,
are neither a perpetrator nor a victim.