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>Looking for a book or books that detail magic in "primitive" societies.

If modern Indian villages are "primitive" enough - and that's where
they're still murdering women as "witches" even today - then you'll
want to order the fascinating expose of guru tricks by the famous
anti-guru, B. Premanand. He's devoted his life to investigating
the various supernatural claims of these charlatans, learnt
to duplicate them and then written clear, simple directions
for doing them yourself. His "Science versus Miracles:(Explains
Tricks behind 150 Miracles)" is a do-it-yourself guru kit.
For example, want to levitate? On page 50 you'll learn that
you need, not years of spiritual exercises and expensive lessons
in mystic philosophy, but rather "two hockey sticks hidden
in your pyjamas.... " This book is good fun! It costs only $15 US
(or equivalent) and that even includes postage and packing.
It can be ordered from the address below.

He also issues a magazine, "The Indian Skeptic",
a lively potpourri, where he exposes more new tricks,
reports on exorcism deaths in the countryside,
documents the activities of the goon squads
of prominent gurus, and much, much more.

Premanand spends most of his time now travelling about
the countryside showing the villagers how they can duplicate
the feats of the gurus who exploit them. When they realize
that the gurus are frauds they can then stop spending
their meagre grocery money on these charlatans and can
begin to feed their children properly.
So Premanand's books are not only an intellectual adventure,
they also are a most effective form of development aid.

And one more reason to buy them: the more internationally
known this modest chap becomes, the more the enraged gurus
will hesitate to try to engineer another little "accident"
that will stop his criticism for ever. So buy Premanand's books,
subscribe to his magazine, read them, talk about them,
give them as gifts and donate them to your local Public Library!

B. Premanand is the Convenor of the Indian Committee for
the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal,
(the Indian CSICOP). His address is:

11/7, Chettipalayan Road
Podanur 641 023
Tamil Nadu

For further info you might want to take
a look at his homepage:
or at:

Regards, Elisabeth