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Sat, 26 Aug 1995 22:35:55 -0500

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> I was asked 2 days ago to teach an undergrad anthro class called Cultures
> of the World. I'm planning on using books on the Jun-twasi, the Mayan
> descendants of Guatemala, and "Neighborhood Tokyo"- but I really want to
> include an ethnography and contemporary life history of a North American
> Indian group. I was thinking of doing "Lakota Woman" and Lakota of the
> Rosebud- but does anyone out there have any suggestions about another,
> more recent, ethnography ( or for that matter, another life history)? I'd
> be really interested if anyone could point me to a good, concise
> Northeastern ethnography (An Iroquois one would be great- unfortunately, I
> think "The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca" would be a little dense for
> this course) and an accompanying life history- I may even go back and
> re-read "Papago Woman" and see how that has held up -or even "Old Man
> Coyote"!. in any case, if anyone has any ideas, please e-mail them to
> Tamarina or leave them here- thanks in advance!
> Tamarina


There are so many it is hard to select one. If you can get to our WWW site
at you will find a complete catalogue of
Native Indian books --- 1100 titles for your inspection. If you do not
have access to the Web we can send you a copy of the catalogue in print.
Just send us your mailing address and it will be sent on Monday.

Georganne Burke for the Native Book Center