Re: stat packages (which is best?)

Fri, 25 Aug 1995 01:09:11 -0300

In article <>, (kevin m. kniffin) wrote:

> i was trained as an undergrad in SPSS. but, given that i went through a
> anthro program, i'm wondering how common my experience was. is spss the norm?
> thanks
> --k

Some people like SPSS; our department also occasionally uses SAS, Systat,
and GNUPlot.

Which one is best? It depends on: whether you like to work on a mainframe
or a PC; whether you want the task of feeding in your data to be easy or
hard; how much control do you want over the operations of a program (i.e.
is menu-driven OK or do you want to be able to script it like SAS?); what
features are important to you; etc... it's hard to answer that in the

Oh yeah, how much you want to pay is a factor too.


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