Re: Carl Lydick needs our help

Rusty Rae (
25 Aug 1995 16:28:37 GMT (Richard Spear) wrote:
> Rusty Rae <> wrote:
> > Several people have mentioned a dislike for Carl's sig.
> > I'm feeling that it's a bit bottom heavy and could use a
> >re-working. Would anyone like to try to re-write the sig and
> >post it so we can vote on the best/most popular one? We could
> >wrap it and put a nice bow around it and send it to JPL -- seems
> >they don't have much work to do there, so they could use a little
> >comic relief, eh?
> > So let's help Carl and the JPL gang who spend so much time
> >here, posting from gov't issue computers on gov't time. Should we
> >start with the name, then the qualifications, then the sig?
> > Sheila
> Sheila - that's *Cal Tech* in his .sig, not JPL ... there's an
> association, and it's pretty incestuous, but I don't think he's on lab
> .... he isn't in the JPL phone book.
> Richard
> friend, old pal, etc. ad have a
DIRECTORY? you have Carl in your directory? Do you have
Carl's division manager's name? ;o) ;o) ;o)
Buddy, pal, friend.
Did I ever tell you how SMART and HANDSOME you are? Oh, I'm SURE I did.
Well, such an oversight....just hate stating the are,
you know.