Re: Pyramidiocy, Facts to refute it (Shortened)

Doug Riblet (
25 Aug 1995 03:52:39 GMT (Whittet) wrote:
>In article <>, says...

>>Please note that alt.folklore.urban is not an archaeology group.
>>Posts of 500+ lines of which 80% is quoted text do nothing for me
>>personally and waste bandwidth on the grand scale when they are
>>distributed thoughtlessly

>Aside from the fact the discussion would have been a bit difficult to follow
>if the items at issue were not referenced, and that when it come to wasting
>bandwidth there are 1389 separate articles just in this group alone, how does
>it save bandwidth to make a frivolous follow up?

Because the frilovous follow-up might, just might (I'm being wildly
optimistic here), result in someone not crossposting future articles
of this sort to alt.folklore.urban & several other unrelated groups.

>The zen koan comes to mind here.

Personally, I prefer the Hazelnut.

Doug "If you post this stuff here again, I'll wrap you in my
zen cocoon of horrors" Riblet

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