hekatologos 1127

Martin Helick (cf059@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 21:05:28 GMT

1127 Geimheal lorganach geimhreadh gortach. (A hungry winter is
a lazy man's fetter)

In a primitive society or in a well-defined subculture, the needs
of the society and the obligations to fulfill them are clearly
defined and no one can escape his responsibilities for long. In a
complex and pluralistic society, this is not the case and it is
all too easy to take the support system for granted, to assume
that it exists for our use alone and that its largesse will endure
forever. But of course it can not and it will not and when out
of neglect or abuse it crashes down upon us, we become as those in
a war-torn city, no longer the recipients of its benefits but
prisoners of its scattered debris. [Neart, Book XI]
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