Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Martin Stower (
24 Aug 1995 20:55:12 GMT

In article <40o4ls$>, (X288FILES) says:
>you missed the point if you do the math . youll see they put a stone in
>place every ten min s or sec i forget off hand. i believe its minutes. we
>would have a hr\ard time doing that today and we cant do the cement

This argument, from William R. Fix's book _Pyramid Idiocy_, sorry,
_Odyssey_, assumes that the stones were placed serially, one at a
time, not several at once, which seems to me a particularly dumb
assumption, i.e. we have to assume that the Egyptians were as witless
as William R. Fix . . . I doubt it, myself.