facial differences

Cybersmith Customer (nobody@cyberweb.cybersmith.com)
24 Aug 1995 16:14:58 GMT

hello, all. I wonderif someone can help me find some info I
have been looking for for a long time.

I would like to know what the professional vocabulary is that is
used to describe faces of different peoples of the world. For example,
what are the typical shapes of eyes or noses found in Japanese people?
What are the differentshapes of noses for black people, or Thais, or
some other ethnic group? Additionally, what are the typical (? modal?)
physiognomic features for these different groups, i.e. how do Japanese
eyes (typically) differ from Chinese eyes? I have looked in a variety
of places for this info but I cannot find it.

ANYONE RESPINDING: do me a favor and email a response to me at
hkarten@mcimail.com. If you can recommend some book that has this info,
or perhaps some academic resource, organization, etc., I would greatly
appreciate it. Tnx.