Re: American Anthropologist (A) online ?

Michael Bauser (
24 Aug 1995 00:43:59 -0400

In article <>, (kevin m. kniffin) wrote:
> maybe it's online and i just havent found it, but the AAA sure doesn't seem
> to
> be anywhere. anyway, i'm looking for an address or phone number, i guess,
> that can get me in touch with someone in order to get a
> subscription/membership.

The AAA has some e-mail addresses (through a CompuServe mailhub), but
that's the extent of their organizational online presence. The inside
cover of the June _AA_ says to contact this postal address for membership

American Anthropological Association
Suite 640
4350 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203-1621

Hope this helps.

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